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When it comes to business trips, a lot of people have differing opinions. Usually those who do not have to travel as a regular part of their job or self-employment see the business travelling life as a good one. After all, you get to take in a new city every once in a while, see the sights, and put all expenses on a business account. A chance to stay at hotels and motels and eat out at restaurants sounds like a pile of fun.

Many people who have made a career out of traveling for business, however, tend to feel the opposite about all of those trips. Life on the road, even on a bi-monthly basis, can get really tiring. The more you have to travel for work, the more it starts to feel like work. The hotel rooms get the same, the meals start to taste the same, and pretty soon you find yourself dreading those trips out of town.

Well, there is one way to put a little bit more of a home feelin into your business trips away. Forget about those impersonal, cookie-cutter hotels. Even the swankiest in the hospitality industry can't get away from that alien feel, as though you don't really belong there. Motels are even worse, and don't even get us started on how a steady restaurant diet can start you craving some real home-cooked meals. Our answer: The bed and breakfast.

Let's face it, a bed and breakfast establishment probably is not the first thing that leaps to mind when it comes to accommodations on a business trip. In the public image, these businesses are usually thought of as quick stops for older tourists.

The common ideas about bed and breakfasts are really just a huge public misconception. In fact, bed and breakfasts are some of the most varied hospitality businesses in the whole industry. Whether you attend a large one with a few different rooms for rent or a one room mom-and-pop joint, though, there is one thing that you can always count on: that down-home feeling.

Bed and breakfasts have been designed around the idea of a home. The owners have chosen to not opt for the sterile environment of the business hotel, but instead choose to make their hosting facilities into a home away from home. That means a bedroom with an original touch, often a view, and a bathroom to yourself, all within the comforts of a home.

And of course there is the breakfast part as well. You have the option to dine alone or take part in the opportunity to have a real home meal, complete with breakfast conversation. And the best part? You don't have to talk about business if you don't want to. Try finding anywhere else on your business trip where a companionable meal doesn't involve at least three quarters of the mealtime conversation dedicated to work!

Another popular misconception about bed and breakfasts is that they are for tourists only (and that is once you get past the idea of "older" tourists!). As you have probably inferred by the tone of this page, though, bed and breakfasts can be ideally suited to business trips. Not only is there that home touch that a business trip would otherwise be lacking, there is the fact that they are often more economical than alternative accommodations. That's great if you own your own business, and it will make you look good if you are travelling for the boss.

This site is all about connecting the business person with bed and breakfast locations in areas that they might be travelling to. We will take a look at some of the options in the largest cities in Canada and the United States, for those looking for a stay that is closer to the comforts of home than what can be found in hotel or motel rooms. We'll see where one can make reservations, why the particular business is suited for those on work trips, and how the location of the bed and breakfast is beneficial, as far as proximity to the business you need to conduct in the city or town is concerned.

All in all, bed and breakfasts are a great option for those who have to go on business trips. Affordable, comfortable, and convenient, they can help to take some of the sterility out of work travel. The only thing you have to know is where to look and what is good, as far as bed and breakfast for businesses go, and we will help to connect you with them here.

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