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Bed and Breakfasts are often used by people who either don't want to pay for a full-service hotel or prefer the down-homey comfort of a B&B to the more crowded hotel. Bed and Breakfasts are a staple of quaint New England villages and small-town Ontario, so naturally you wouldn't expect to find many in a big city like Toronto or Dallas. However, did you know that you can even find a nice B & B downtown in many urban centres? Toronto is a city that is always confounding expectations, but you still might be surprised to know that if you're looking to stay at a bed and breakfast establishment for your business or personal vacation within the city of Toronto your task will be fairly easy. Take a look at some of these locations.

If you're looking for a nice place to stay while you attend business meetings, Toronto has several B&B locations nearby in downtown:

Banting House Inn at 73 Homewood Avenue is considered one of the nicest. Located in a beautifully preserved historic house, it is rated one of the top ten places to stay in Toronto. Rooms peak at $150.

Eliana's Bed and Breakfast at 10 Saint Joseph Street is another luxury location, one that features glittering chandeliers and lovely rugs. Rooms run from $150 to $200.

Madison Manor at 20 Madison Avenue offers a cheaper option to the more opulent B&Bs with no reduction in quality or historical value. Rooms here can be as cheap as $75 but usually hover around $90 to $150.

JacoB22 at 22 Monteith Street is another cheaper yet very clean and well-placed bed and breakfast downtown. Rooms there start at just $55 and run up to $115.

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Most of Toronto's Bed and Breakfast locations are clustered in the downtown neighborhoods in order to capitalize in the presence of tourist attractions and office buildings. You will find few to none in outlying neighborhoods like Brampton or Vaughan. However, there are some quaint retreats farther away from the action: farther north in Barrie or Collingwood for example.

The Lakefront Retreat in Long Branch perches on the edge of Colonel Samuel Smith Park and has spectacular views of Lake Ontario. There's also a deck and garden.

Bay Window on Ward's Island, while more sparse than the opulent downtown bed and breakfasts, offers a quiet place to stay with only a short ferry ride separating you from downtown. Rooms there start at $110.

By the Park Bed and Breakfast is, as its name suggests, on the edge of Toronto's famed High Park. Rooms start at $70 and the establishment has been rated among the top 5% of places to stay in Ontario.

Beach Villa is located in the Beaches neighborhood and gives vacationers a comfy place to stay while they explore the shores of Lake Ontario. Minimum stay time is one week and suite rates start around $500. Sun and sand can be a welcome change from Lawrence Park, Toronto's nearby freeways.

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