Bed & Breakfasts are generally known as small operations that exist in tourist oriented towns. Moreover, bed and breakfast businesses are typically thought to exist only in smaller towns, the types of places you might see on a tourism postcard or brochure.

Many people are surprised to find that in fact bed and breakfasts can be operated in virtually every living condition that humans can create. Yes, you will probably find a greater proportion of bed and breakfast businesses located in smaller scenic towns, but that does not mean that these locations are the only ones in which a successful and accommodating B & B can operate. Far from it. In fact, in-city bed and breakfasts are quickly rising in popularity, as far as choices for those who need to go into the city for some business are concerned.

To understand why bed and breakfasts within cities are gaining ground so quickly, in terms of hospitality choices within the city, it is important to realize why B & Bs are popular in the first place. Some people can't imagine trading a luxury hotel for a room in a home simply because they don't know the benefits on Bed and Breakfasts.

First of all, for example, a downtown bed and breakfast tends to be a lot more affordable than alternative accommodation options. Typically run by people who own the house from which the business is operated, these establishments do not have to worry about covering overhead, such as employee costs and astronomical utility bills, but simply a mortgage, food and household bills. Slashing these costs means a huge difference carried over to the guest, not to mention the lower tax rate that is usually applied to bed and breakfasts in any context. Taken together, these differences in fees will mean that staying at a city bed and breakfast will probably save you at least half when compared to nearby hotel or motel options.

Second, of course, is that bed and breakfast operators are typically much more social and comfortable than other hospitality options. Many times, people on business away from home crave a bit of human contact, whether at a meal or just as their day gets started. It is nice to have someone to talk to about the weather, the economy, and so on, and bed and breakfast operators are more than willing to make their guests feel truly at home. Moreover, there are no better guides to the city than people who have been living and operating a business in one for several years! If you're looking for a good restaurant or mall, you know who to ask.

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Bed and breakfasts within a city can also help the business person by cutting a bit of time off of a busy schedule. You will find that having a meal already prepared for you takes a good chunk of time out of a morning, allowing a bit more to relax and get ready for the day. It's just one less hassle as you head off to work.

All in all, city bed and breakfasts operations, make for great choices for the person who has to conduct business within a municipal context. Just because you are working doesn't mean you have to feel stress day and night, and choosing a bed and breakfast as your business home base for your trip can certainly reduce the stress you feel. We will take a look at these businesses and the opportunities they afford in greater detail in this section of our site.

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