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There may have been a time in your life when the idea of a business trip was very appealing to you. It was a chance to get away from home, meet some new people and see some new things all on the company dime. You imagine going to Mexico, when the reality is that the closest you'll get to the beach is admiring the waterfront view from your room. For many people, the perceptions about the glory of the business trip soon fade away (although this is not the case for everyone by any means). Those who undergo regular business trips can find themselves longing for the comforts and familiarity of home while they are away, not to mention the personal touch that being in a home adds at the end of the day.

Those who have grown tired of the feel of "life on the road" should keep in mind that hotels and motels are certainly not your only option when it comes to accommodation while on business trips. Bed and breakfast establishments are seeing a surge of popularity on both the vacation and business trips fronts, and there are several good reasons why this is the case. Taking your phone out and searching for accommodation in the location of your trip with produce a wealth of options, from motels, hotels, apartments, hostel, B&B and even renting a room in someone's house.

The most important reason for the rise in popularity of the business bed and breakfast is the atmosphere that they lend to any business trip. In this section of the site, we will be taking a look specifically at cottage bed and breakfasts and what they can bring to the table when it comes to a business trip.

Essentially, a cottage bed and breakfast will have all the same "plus" points as any other bed and breakfast operation. They have a personal feel that is hard to find while on the road for business, an atmosphere which can greatly reduce the stress of an individual while he or she is traveling about. There's a bedroom that actually feels like a bedroom, meals waiting for you on time, and just a general sense of being in a home. And of course, there are all the conveniences that bed and breakfasts for businesses pioneered but which other hospitality areas still either lack or charge extra for; Internet connections, business phone lines and so on. If your business retreat takes you out of a big city, maybe staying in a quiet cottage will make the trip seem more like a vacation than work.

The unique spin that cottage bed and breakfasts give to the business trip is their own brand of ambiance. You will find some locations in the countryside, but cottage B & Bs have been set up with their own unique appeal. Most bed and breakfasts maintain their homey appeal because they are in fact built around someone else's home. Cottage bed and breakfasts tend to remove the feeling of staying in a house because of their general appearance (whether or not they are in fact someone's actual home). The difference is subtle, but it is one that manages to pull off the feeling of being on a working vacation as no other option can, certainly not a hotel or motel. You might even find that some establishments add to the ambiance through little touches such as scented candles, flowers, and so on.

Cottage bed and breakfasts are also generally set up in places one would choose to spend some time on vacation anyway; they can be found along popular waterfronts or ski resorts, anywhere people might choose to play while not at work. The result for many business people is a place to stay that totally strips away all the negative aspects of being at work without the ability to return home at the end of the day.

If you are looking for some great alternatives to traditional business trip accommodations, we have more specific articles on bed and breakfast locations posted in this section of our site. We are sure that by the time you finish them you will be just as in love with this option as we are.

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