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In this series of articles, we are talking about having your home earn you some money by operating it as a bed and breakfast. We mentioned in that article the importance of location, which of course is one of the big keys of success for this kind of business. Here are a few more areas you really want to focus on in order to give your bed and breakfast the best chance of turning a profit.


When you put yourself in the hospitality industry, you are joining a competitive market place. Not only do you have to worry about other bed and breakfasts, you are also competing with hotels, motels, and other places where people can stay on vacation.

Getting your name out there is the first step to success, and that means finding a target market. A lot of bed and breakfasts tailor themselves to a baby boomer crowd. You want these people to know that although they are staying in a home, they won't be exposed to the latest hardcore punk music playing at all hours, or anything else that will take away from their vacation experience. Highlight the private nature and the relaxing atmosphere of your business for them in your advertising. What is a target market?


That atmosphere, of course, is going to be the third key to success for your bed and breakfast. People going to bed and breakfasts are generally looking for an economical alternative to hotel and motel rooms in the area. They are also looking for a relaxing place to stay that has a touch of home to it. You can give that to them by paying specific attention to the following areas of your business:

The exterior: You want the outside of your home to look as nice as possible, so people automatically feel it's a great place to stay. Don't skimp on the landscaping; have your lawn and your gardens in peak condition for peak season! If you have a hard time keeping the landscape maintained and the snow cleared during the winter ask a property maintenance team for help. If you need someone to look at a property and deem whether or not it is safe and in good working order, call an inspection company. (Need a home inspector Schenectady? Call Housemaster Home Inspections)

Rooms: Whether it's adding a modern fixtures to the bathroom or a sliding door that leads out to the porch, little touches can make a difference in how your guests perceive the rooms they will be staying in. Make them modern, up to date, and clean and you will have repeat business!

Little touches: Finally, emphasize the sense of home people are looking for when they go to a bed and breakfast. Pictures with inspiring messages, paintings of nature, and calendars are all ways of adding a personal touch to a room.

Some bed and breakfasts will be designed for tourists, looking for a place to spend the night. Some appeal to professionals travelling from one location to the next to tout their company's products. Whatever your target market, communication, location, and atmosphere will be the key to your business' success.

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