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When your business gets big and important enough that you can consider hosting a conference in your field, it is cause for celebration. Hosting a business conference isn't just a chance to show off your product or services, but also your town and hosting skills, which means that it's also cause for panic to a lot of business owners. But never fear: this series of articles should help you plan a successful small-town business conference and get you through any rough patches you encounter along the way.


The first thing you need to do when you're planning on hosting a business conference is to decide who you're going to invite. Will you limit the invitations to other businesses in your field in the county? The province? In all of Canada? Or do you invite select companies regardless of location? The answer depends on which companies you think would enhance the themes and purpose you have in mind. Do you invite attendees to bring their families or significant others? There are several issues here, the main one being that if you intend to include children your town must be able to support the child care that will be required.


Make sure to set an advance date in order to give your invitees enough time to plan for their attendance. Take care to investigate what other events or conferences in your field may be going on at the same time. Setting everything up on the same date as a bigger conference that was announced earlier is going to add problems to your plans. Also keep in mind what time of year most becomes your town, when leaves turn color, when flowers bloom, when the ski hills are freshly powdered, etc so as to present your home in the best possible light.


There is no need for moving people around to find decent venues at which to hold your events. All towns, regardless of size, have some form of accommodation for visitors, whether it be bed and breakfasts, hotels, or boarding houses and most of them will offer deals to groups. Fire halls, church halls, and gyms can be great places to hold lectures if there are going to be a lot of people. Alternatively, school classrooms or community centers can be set up for more intimate conferences.


Decide early on what topics your conference will cover and stick to them, but don't forget to drop in a little fun to make things memorable. Your planned agenda for a plumbing conference might includes lectures and demonstrations, which will be useful but not exciting. Then spice things up by lining up a group sleigh ride or a trip to the beach.

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