What Is a Hostel

When you ask people the sort of things that they have on their bucket list you will find that many have a desire to visit places in the world that they have never seen before. But, while you may be able to afford a weekend away every once in a while, you might not think that you have the money to hop on a plane and head to places like Italy, Taiwan, or Australia. But, if you can afford the flight than you might not have to spend too much on accommodations once you get there. Most major cities have at least a few good options in the form of hostels.

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Hostels are full of rooms that offer guest communal accommodations opposed to their own room and bathroom. You might be sharing a sleeping space with as many as two dozen other people and sharing a bathroom and living space with many more. If you're leaving to go on a world tour than you could find rooms in New York City, Rome, or Hong Kong for as little as twenty or thirty dollars a night. This is a great option for those that are interested in meeting other travelers as well as those that are trying to save some money on their trip.

There are thousands of hostels throughout the world and like hotels they come in all sizes and conditions. Some are nice enough that you might feel like you should be arriving in a limousine while others could lead to a bit of a nightmare vacation experience. You should make sure you're doing some research on potential hostels before you choose which one to stay in. The organization Hostelling International represents more than four thousand hostels throughout ninety countries and is meant for travelers twenty-five years and under.

Hostels started as being a great option for youth traveling throughout the world and many still have an age requirement for those staying there. But, there are some that are independently owned and can offer those of any age a unique travel experience. This could just be another option instead of staying in a bed & breakfast or hotel. The industry has grown in the last few decades and with the help of the Internet you can check out many options in a matter of minutes in most of the world's major cities. You could find a place that's close to the Pyramids in Eypt or one near the Amazon River.

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