St. Walburg, SK.

Map of St. Walburg, SK.
Map of the St. Walburg Area

St. Walburg – “A Hundred Lakes Within a Hundred Miles”

Directions: From Lloydminster take Hwy 17 north to the junction of Hwy 3, then east to the junction of Hwy 26, which is immediately south of the town. Approximately 1 hour travel time from the city. 

St. Walburg is a friendly little town where residents take pride in their community. With beautifully treed streets and lots of garden space, this is a very nice place to live.

You’ll find an excellent service core. There are great places to eat, including the Farm House Inn and a downtown bakery. Gas stations, two hardware stores, and a multitude of companies related to the oil and gas industry complete the business community of St. Walburg.

There are lots of options for sports and exercise. The Communiplex serves as the hockey rink, curling rink and bowling alley. A challenging nine hole grass green golf course is a newly completed project and features some of the most beautiful scenery this area has to offer.

The third weekend in July brings a parade, chuckwagon races, ponywagons, demolition derby, beer gardens, a dance and a Midway to town for St. Walburg Fair Days. There are lots of chuckwagon fans in St. Walburg – the town recently constructed a metal sculpture to honour the sport’s participants.

Another large statue was built in honour of Count Berthold Von Imhoff. The late local artist brought renown to the area with his much-admired paintings. His original gallery, ran by the Imhoff family, is near St. Walburg and is open for tours during the summer months.

Over 5000 people come to town each year for the St. Walburg Blueberry Festival. This is a street festival where crafters come from all over to market their wares.

In addition to an RCMP detachment, the community also has a 24 hour health care facility. The facility provides stabilization, assessment and observation beds, palliative care and full lab and X-ray service. Medical clinic hours are 9:00 am - 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm. Two physicians staff this facility.

Home care, public health, mental health, social services, physiotherapist, massage therapy and ambulance services are also available.

The St. Walburg area is known as a hunter’s paradise. Big game, such as moose, elk, deer and bear are plentiful. In less than thirty minutes, you can be at your favorite fishing spot or in the winter, enjoying one of the many snowmobiling trails. For outdoor enthusiasts, this is the place to be.

St. Walburg placed third in the 2006 International Award for Livable Communities competion. This project, endorsed by the United Nations Environment Program, recognizes some of the “best places to live” in the world.

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